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Binfield Badger Group

Protecting Badgers in Berkshire
Charity number: 1075886

Welcome to the Group's web site and our work to improve the protection of badgers, not just in Binfield, but across Berkshire.  It is only a simple site, but you will find links to many sites that contain lots of information on badgers, their need for protection and what you can do to help.

Binfield badger with egg. Copyright J Fennell

Use the buttons on the left hand side to navigate your way around this web site.  Please bookmark this page and visit again for updated information on meetings and new Binfield Badger Group newsletters.

See Meetings page for details of our next meeting on 12 April 2018

See the video on the About Us page  - this video was produced to highlight the need to protect not just the sett, but the access pathways to foraging areas.

You can see CCTV of the badgers on the "Videos" page.

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PLEASE, PLEASE help us to stop the culling of badgers which started way back on 1 June 2013. The many Government debates and votes in 2012 and 2013 have not put a stop to the  cull. The cull continued in Somerset and Gloucestershire in 2014 and was expanded to Dorset in 2015. In 2016 it has again been expanded to now include seven new areas in Herefordshire, Devon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Somerset, despite the complete failure of the policy over the last 4 years.

Since 2013 the government has licensed the culling of 3,916 badgers in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset at a cost to the taxpayer in excess of £25 million. None of the badgers killed have been tested for TB and many have died as a result of an experimental ‘free shooting’ method, which has been condemned as inhumane by both the government’s Independent Expert Panel and the British Veterinary Association.

We need to get as many people as possible to make their views known.  The online e-petition set up by Dr Brian May CBE closed with an incredible 304,002 signatures, but we need to continue to show our opposition to the cull and demonstrate to the Government  that the public is opposed to this pointless cull.

In August 2016 another e-petition was launched by Simon King OBE, getting 108,320 signatures before its deadline in February 2017.  Please click on this link to watch the debate attended by very few MPs, showing the lack of interest in both the issue for farmers and the care of wildlife that our elected MPs have -

Killing 130,000 badgers will NOT stop the cattle to cattle transfer of bovine TB.  Will all the deer be killed next?  The millions of pounds of wasted tax payer's money needs to be redirected into vaccine development and approval for use in badgers AND cattle.  Have a quick look at the following video

Please act quickly to prevent this mass slaughter of one of Britain's most loved mammals.  Follow these links to find out how you can help and how the Badger Trust has been fighting against the cull.

Please write or email your local MP to object to this cull.  This cull is a pilot scheme to eradicate bTB in cattle - which it won't.    This cull may be extended to the whole of England.  It's imperative that all  MPs are lobbied asking them to stop the cull.   Please click on this LINK to go to our page on bTB.  There is far too much misinformation, hence the need for all of us to state our opinions.

Our bTB page also has latest news about the Berkshire Badger Vaccination initiative in which we plan to carry out DEFRA approved vaccinations in targeted areas for at least the next four years - if we can get enough people to volunteer to help us!