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Binfield Badger Group

Protecting Badgers in Berkshire
Charity number: 1075886

About Us

Binfield is a village, which has suffered recently as a result of the pressures for land development. An area of woodland in the Parish had been home to a group of badgers for hundreds of years, when in 1985 a major developer bought the land for housing, intending to route the road across the sett. A number of local residents joined together to lobby the local council to protect the sett and its occupants. 

  Badger in the rain. Copyright J Fennell

The following pictures are the same view of the copse and were taken shortly before and after the developer bought the land.

Original view of copse in 1985

View of copse in 1986 when building had started

The turning point came when this photograph was published in local newspapers showing the builders pouring diesel directly into the sett entrances (this is now illegal) in an attempt to “move the badgers on”. 

With the support of Bracknell Forest Borough Council officers, a small area of the woodland was fenced off to protect the surviving badgers, and the new houses and estate road were re-routed. 

Builders pouring diesel into sett in 1985
One of the two hides

The Binfield Badger Group then proceeded to repair the extensive damage caused by the bulldozers, create a small pond as a water supply and construct a hide from which we are able to further study the lifestyle of badgers and give visitors the opportunity to experience first hand the wonder of these beautiful animals. 

Work continues to protect the reduced amount of foraging area from further housing development.   Over the last few years there has been a greater amount of infill development and this is causing great concern to the Group, as without access to large areas for foraging the badgers will starve and become isolated from neighbouring setts.  The pathways that link the main sett to other areas of woodland and open countryside are critical, but their importance does not appear to be recognised by those that have the responsibility to control developments. The following video was filmed and produced by Rob Evans as part of a global competition to to make a 1 minute promotion of a charitable cause.  Rob's entry came third, which is a good reflection of both his technical skills at night time wildlife filming at the Binfield sett and his creative skills.  Hopefully it will help to get the message across that access corridors for many wildlife species are in need of protection.

Video from Rob Evans on Vimeo.

The Group also promotes awareness by producing newsletters, holding regular meetings, attending many local events and giving talks to schools and other societies in Binfield and the surrounding area. The Group monitors badger activity at a number of setts across Berkshire and liaises with Councils on any proposals which may have an impact on badgers and their habitat. The Group continues both the research into these curious animals of the dark and the education of local people, especially children, of the need to protect badgers, their setts and foraging grounds, so that future generations will have the joy of watching and learning about our British wildlife heritage.