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Badger Videos

The following videos were filmed using an infrared CCTV camera, or trail camera, hence are in black and white.  Go to the bottom of the page for the most recent videos recorded in High Definition.

They are hosted on You Tube, so you may get a browser warning message asking you to allow scripts and ActiveX content to run.

There is also a link to a sequence of videos taken at one sett in Scotland over a 12 month period.

Please respect the copyright of these videos and request permission via us, before any  are reproduced in any way.


This video is from 20 June 2011 and shows 6 badgers.  We knew that there were 8 badgers at the sett.  There were 4 cubs and 2 mothers, which is unusual as normally only the dominant sow produces cubs.


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February 2012 - Badgers in the snow!

If anyone thinks that badgers hibernate, the next CCTV clips will prove them wrong.  During the first snow of 2012 you can see four badgers silhouetted against the white snow.  You can see from the CCTV that the snow is still falling. We may never know what happened to the other four badgers, hopefully they travelled to find richer foraging in more rural neighbouring territories where there is less noise from local houses.


May 2012 - Badger cubs at the main Binfield sett

The wet conditions in April and early May have helped the dominant sow get the three cubs she has had this year off to a good start this year.  They are a good size already, as you can see in the following CCTV footage.  The cubs are initially in the background, then one joins four adults closer to the camera, plus an appearance of one of the local foxes.  The red lighting is from the hide.  Badger's eyes do not see light at this end of the colour spectrum, so we use the lights so we can see them better without it disturbing them.

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March 2013

We recently purchased a second digital wireless CCTV camera and built the power unit into a waterproof case so that we could site it around the copse.  The following few clips are using this camera. As before it is black and white when running in infrared mode at night, but should be full colour in the daylight. This camera type shows green leaves with a purple hue which we can't directly correct with the iCatcher software we use.  So you will have to imagine the leaves are green and we aren't filming on some far away planet.

As always keep an eye on the time print at the top right to show when the sequence has jumped a few minutes.  We noticed an area where three holes close together have a large amount of sandy spoil recently excavated, so sited the camera attached to a tree nearby.



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June 2013

With the help of a borrowed HD trailcam we managed to get the following video of bedding collection. They do this by gathering the bedding together with their front legs and walking backwards all the way to the sett entrance.  Amazingly they can navigate along their paths backwards and they drop very little on route!



November 2013

We thought that there had been no cubs in 2013.  We have been doing many nights of watches and had quite a few members and visitors join us in the hides.  We have also had two CCTV cameras running and looked through far too many hours of footage, but only adults have been seen.  That is until just now when I was downloading footage from a trailcam, as I have been doing for the last 5 weeks from all over the copse, look what I have just seen - FOUR cubs and an adult!  Obviously we will continue to try and get more clips to share.  It feels more like late Summer from their size, but maybe the cold Winter of 2012-13 and very wet Spring caused them to be late births.

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December 2013

Here is a sequence of five trailcam clips of the four cubs, plus their mother finding where they were playing and taking them home! 

The following video of the sow with playing cubs is from trailcam clips recorded between 2.30am and 2.50am on the 8 December.  The cubs are playing in a way that we normally observe in July each year, not December.  In December we normally have difficulty in telling the almost one year old "cubs" from adults, but in this video you can very easily see the size difference from the lactating sow. Also look at the puff ball tails of the cubs.  Do turn the sound up on your PC and you will hear them bump into the camera tripod and rustling through the fallen leaves.  You can make the video full screen by mousing over the playback area and then clicking on the square icon at the bottom right.

And recordings of the playful cubs, plus their mother on 10 December.

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February 2014 updates

How the cubs have grown!  Have a look at this sequence of clips from the trailcam recorded on just one evening in early February.


March 2014 - one month on

Almost exactly a month since the last upload of videos, the following clips show the four cubs born in mid 2013 are now almost the same size as adults.  This four minute HD clip also shows one of the badgers grooming.

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April 2014

We have just got our Spypoint BF 10HD trailcam replaced for the third time and this compilation is from the first night of testing on the 17 April.  The previous two cameras often recorded in pink rather than colour during the day, so hopefully it is third time lucky! This sequence shows that the late cubs of 2013 are now the size of adults and there are a couple of great clips of grooming.

May 2015

How did that year go by so quickly! Hopefully you have seen some of the videos recorded over the last year that I have publicised via the Group's FaceBook page.  The following is shows the first recording of the 2015 cub.  Only one cub this year, but it is already really big.  The video shows some daft play activity of an adult with the cub, which appears to be happy just foraging.  There is also some bedding collection and interaction with the fox family( including fox cubs this year) that lives in the same copse.

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May and June 2016

We have been posting clips on the Facebook page as this page is getting rather long.  However it is good to have a record of new arrivals and unusual happenings.

This clip is the first recording of the 2016 cub.

The following shows some really strange behaviour by a fox when two hedgehogs wandered in front of the trailcam. Contrary to what you read in the press, the badger just had a quick sniff of the hedgehogs and left them alone.

To finish of this "virtual visit to the hide", the following video shows it is not always the cubs that run around having a daft moment!

September 2016

Compilation of clips showing how the cub has grown to almost full adult size.

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October 2016

Why do fireworks have to go on from early October to January?  I don't want to be a killjoy and I am sure most people enjoy bonfire night, but when the disturbance goes on for months, pets and domesticated animals can't be kept inside. Then there is the extended disturbance of wildlife that is trying to build up weight before the winter.  Have a look at this short clip recorded from our hide at a main sett in Binfield, Berkshire to see what the impact is of a local homeowner having a firework display rather late at night.  Feel free to share this posting and video.  This video has sound.

June 2018

This is a five minute compilation taken in the first week of June and shows two rather large cubs.  Please have the sound on as you will hear quite a lot!


Another compilation which shows lots of grooming, bedding collection and the two cubs play fighting.